Meet our team of dedicated volunteers in Switzerland!

Dorothee Raas, founding member of Gotas de agua and current President of the Association

Born in Germany, Dorothee grew up in Switzerland. After studying International Relations in Geneva and she completed a Master’s degree in International Law and Conflict Studies at the University of Peace in Costa Rica. Her first internship abroad led her to Peru in 1999, followed by several visits. She worked in development and development policy in Peru, Benin and Mali, and spent time in Kyrgyzstan and Australia. She currently works as a Policy Advisor for the Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Migration. Dorothee speaks German, Spanish, French and English, and has acquired basic knowledge in Russian.

Susanne Raas, Board Member

Susanne Raas studied law at the University of Zurich. Her dissertation was published in 2012. She currently resides in Zurich. As a founding member of Gotas de agua, she is responsible for the Association’s treasury from creation. In 2011 she visited the project in Raucana.

Laurence Roth, Treasurer and Board Member

Born and raised in Switzerland, Laurence studied International Relations in Geneva. After completing her diploma, she completed two internships in the field of diplomacy. She then worked for four years in the financial sector, first for Thomson Reuters and since 2011 for JPMorgan Chase Private Banking as an analyst in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). In addition to her nativ French, she speaks fluent English, Italian and German. She is an active member of Gotas de agua and spent a month in Peru in 2011, where she participated in the activities for the association.

Nadja Ulrich, Member

Nadja studied International Relations with Dorothee in Geneva, before going to Hong Kong for her first job: supporting the integration of a Chinese parent company with its international acquisitions from an organisational development point of view. Internationality and an increasing focus on the topic areas of new technologies and Life Sciences/Health Care have marked her career since. Accordingly, also for Gotas de Agua, Nadja is especially interested in bringing the digital world to our fund raising (e.g. through a crowd funding campaign) and passionate about the health related topics of our work (such as the psychology program). Also in her private life Nadja is a passionate traveler. When at home, she enjoys spending time in the mountains, participating in 10k races with friends (usually followed by a brunch or dinner) and does urban gardening on her balcony.

Marie-Laure Schaufelberger, Member

Marie-Laure studied International Relations with Dorothee, Nadja and Laurence. She grew up as an expat child in South East Asia, moving from one country to the next. She currently works in the financial sector, within a team looking at thematic strategies seeking to capture the “megatrends” shaping our world. Marie-Laure began her career working in media relations and public affairs manager where she also developed projects and communications for CSR and sustainable investment. She is passionate about issues linked to diversity, organisational culture change and innovation.