The first years of a child’s life are essential for the emotional well being and are the basis for their future development. One of the biggest challenges with poverty is the self-perpetuating cycle often caused by lack of quality education in the first years of life.

This is why we started our efforts in the community of Raucana. Constituted in 1990 as one of the so-called pueblos jóvenes (young villages) on the outskirts of Lima, Raucana is one of the poorest suburbs of the Peruvian capital.

In 2012, Gotas de agua started to build a beautiful kindergarten where previously there was none. Today it accommodates over 120 children from the disadvantaged families in Raucana and surrounding communities, giving them access to quality education thanks to 5 properly trained kindergarten teachers.

Professional care of the children is crucial: our staff members are highly qualified, constantly  improving their skills in order to stay abreast of the latest practices and developments in early childhood education. The well-being and the emotional equilibrium of the children is our number one priority.


Feel free to donate if you like to contribute to the completion of the nursery and the initial running costs!