Many parents, some of them single mothers, have to go to work every day and have no safe place to leave their babies. Currently, the project site does accommodate some youngsters thanks to the involvement of three of the community’s mothers who take care of them as much as they can.

However, the facilities are insufficient and only provisional. In 2016, thanks to generous donations, we were able to start the construction of the day nursery for babies and toddlers from six months to three years.

Upon completion in March 2017, the site will offer the children a safe, and healthy environment. We will, in collaboration with the government, start employing fully trained care takers to make sure the development of the youngest and most vulnerable members of the community, will be the best possible. We are very excited that the mothers currently caring for them will get the opportunity to keep working with us in auxiliary functions.

Feel free to donate if you like to contribute to the completion of the nursery and the initial running costs!