In 2013, we started to develop our psychology department. Last year, we hired a professional and experienced psychologist to support our kids and their families, which are growing up in a community where conditions can be very difficult.

The work of our psychologist and a first part-time intern gained the community’s trust, and the demand for further support grew very quickly. Therefore, we started to expand the psychology department.

Thanks to Gotas de agua’s good reputation, university students got interested and doing their mandatory internship at our institution, knowing that they can learn a lot in this challenging area. In 2015, two Peruvian and one German interns were working in our project in the Raucana community.

With your help, in 2016 we would like to continue this initiative, which gives the opportunity to psychology students to finish their studies, and our children to get access to role models!

Gotas de Agua celebrated its 5th birthday in November 2015. In those years the association has been busy! First with the creation of Gotitas de Agua, the kindergarten, which has allowed hundreds of kids to go to pre-school, followed by an organic garden and education around nutrition and recycling, coupled to countless other activities organised in the community of Raucana.