Our vision:  Equal opportunities for all children, regardless of social background. .

We believe that profound change is enacted by the culmination of a series of small actions.

“Gotas” means drop in Spanish. Although one drop of water on its own may vanish quickly, if enough of them land on fertile soil, beautiful things will grow. This is why we carry out projects on grounds that we know are fertile.

We think that the community of Raucana, located on the outskirts of Lima, where our current project “Gotas de agua – Raucana” is taking place, has this potential.

We believe that healthy happy children are like little hundreds of thousands of little drops.. Provide them with a haven where they, and their families can learn and regain their mental and physical balance, and they will help the land flourish. Help enough of them, and society will thrive.

Our mission is to set up sustainable, locally run institutions, that offer education and psychological support to children and their families in disadvantaged areas.

Ultimately, the aim is to help people help themselves.

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