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Volunteering positions availabe in Switzerland, Peru and working from Home
Volunteer for Gotas de Agau
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Year round opportunities available and option to work from home


Our volunteer opportunities in Peru:

  1. Taking care of the children in the project in Raucana
  2. Internship in the psychology department for psychology graduates
  3. English teaching
  4. Give trainings on nutrition, management and finances
  5. Administrative support, including development of fundraising strategies with local donors, companies
  6. Advisor on microcredits and tourism

Minimum stay for opportunities 1.-3. is three months, the others may be short term and on a consultancy basis. Previous knowledge of and experience in the respective field required.

Basic knowledge of Spanish is an advantage. We can organize intensive trainings and full immersion into the language that makes fast learning progress likely.

Our volunteer opportunities in Switzerland:

  1. 1. Manage and lead an online fundraising campaign
  2. General fundraising support
  3. Report editing and translations

Some of Our Open Volunteering & Internship Positions

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