Gotas de Agua Team

Dedicated team of volunteers and staff on the ground

Outstanding team that we have

Gotas de Agua has very passionate and forward looking team members, who have been working hard over the years to further the noble cause behind our organisation. All our members in Switzerland work as a volunteers, which means that we can send all the money raised through donations for the projects on the ground and for the benefit of poor community.

Our Team in Switzerland

Dorothee Raas
After studying International Relations in Geneva, Dorothee completed a Master’s degree in International Law and Conflict Studies at the University of Peace in Costa Rica. Her career started in the private sector as a management consultant, before working as project manager for three years in Peru. She currently works as a Policy Advisor for the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration.
Laurence Roth
Treasurer and Board Member
Born and raised in Switzerland, Laurence holds a Master Degree in International Relations from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva. Laurence is currently working for the State Secretariat for International Finance (FDF) as Deputy Head of the Bilateral Financial Market Relations Unit.
Marie-Laure Schaufelberger
Marie-Laure studied International Relations with Dorothee, Nadja and Laurence. She grew up as an expat child in South East Asia, moving from one country to the next. She currently works in the financial sector, within a team looking at thematic strategies seeking to capture the “megatrends” shaping our world. Marie-Laure began her career working in media relations and public affairs manager where she also developed projects and communications for CSR and sustainable investment.
Board Member
Board Member
Susanne Raas studied law at the University of Zurich. Her dissertation was published in 2012 and in 2013 she passed the bar examination. She currently resides in St. Gallen and works there as a court clerk at the Federal Administrative Court. As founding member of Gotas de agua, she was responsible for the Association’s treasury before becoming vice-president in 2015.
Nadja Ulrich
Nadja studied International Relations with Dorothee in Geneva, before going to Hong Kong for her first job: supporting the integration of a Chinese parent company with its international acquisitions from an organisational development point of view. Nadja is especially interested in bringing the digital world to our fund raising (e.g. through a crowd funding campaign) and passionate about the health related topics of our work.

Our Team in Peru

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Outstanding team that we have

All the good work we do would not be possible without the help of ground staff, which includes teachers, psychologists, local community leaders and volunteers

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