What we do

We deal with a variety of issues and apply innovative solutions

Issues we deal with

Complex issues need intelligent solutions.
Gotas de Agua deals with a variety of issues ranging from education for poor kids to dealing with parents’ psychological problems – all aimed at providing kids a healthy atmosphere where they can learn and grow.
Example of the impact of our work
Humberto La Rosa Nicho, Former Community President
I heard from several primary schools that the children who previously attended Gotas de agua's kindergarten were among those who perform the best.

Our solution & work

Education for children
No children should be left behind. The construction of the kindergarten began in 2011 and was completed in the course of the year. In its first year of operation, the kindergarten consisted of three classrooms.
Psychological Support
Due to the difficult family situation of many of our children, which is characterized by poverty, frustration, violence and unfavorable diets, we started to work with a psychologist in 2013 and gradually built up the psychology department.
Preventive Actions
Prevention is better than cure. Each year, 250 pupils in the third to fifth year of secondary education benefit from the work of Gotas de agua’s psychologists. We focus on this age group because it is particularly vulnerable to the problems mentioned.
Effective Management
A group of women runs a communal kitchen in the community of Raucana. After state subsidies stopped, the kitchen was at the risk of closing down. At this point, Gotas de agua stepped in.
Contingency Support
A stitch in time saves nine. In particularly dramatic cases, Gotas de agua provides personalized care and emergency financial assistance within its financial possibilities.
Christmas activities
Something to celebrate. For several years we organized Christmas events in different areas of the outskirts of Lima. Since 2013, the Rotary Club Corpac, Lima has been involved in Christmas activities in Raucana in collaboration with Gotas de agua.

Get involved

There are number of ways you can help us. Have a look at the current opportunities. Please contact us and we would be happy to also hear your views.