Equal opportunities for all children

Gotas de agua provides education and psychological support to children and their families in disadvantaged areas to create the basis for a better future


Gotas de Agua is a Swiss registered not for profit organizationwith a branch registered in Peru

Gotas de Agua means drops of water in Spanish. We believe that if enough of them land on fertile soil, beautiful things will grow

Issues we deal with

We work in the suburbs of Lima addressing the lack of educational opportunities and care taking facilities for children of poor families and as well as issues such as domestic and sexual violence, drug abuse and bad nutrition.

Child education

In 2018, we attend more than 200 children daily in our kindergarten for children age 3-6 and our day care facility for children age 1-3.

Psychology department

Our psychologists work with the children, their families as well as in a neighboring secondary school to prevent violence and drug abuse.

Nutrition & Effective management

We support a group of women that initiated a local kitchen to provide food for the poorest. After giving an initial grant, the women get help and training to manage the kitchen on their own.

Help people to ultimately help themselves

A team of dedicated volunteers allows us to send 100% of your donation to the projects in Peru


Latest News

Improving lives, day by day

Director of the Ministry of Education visits Gotas de agua

In June 2017, the Director xxx visited our kindergarten and new day care facility and recognized its exceptional quality. Read more..

Our Supporters

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