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Recognition of the nursery by the Peruvian Ministry of Education

On Mai 30, 2019, the Ministry of Education of Peru officially recognized the nursery (Resolución Directoral N°05997-2019). This recognition means that the nursery complies with all standards established by the government and that some caretakers at the nursery will from now on be paid by the government.  

Education News

End of the school year 2018

On 8th December 2018, a total of 59 children concluded their three years of learning and playing in our kindergarten “Gotitas de agua”. These 59 children had been attended in two fully equipped classrooms, with one kindergarten and one auxiliary teacher each. During their time in the kindergarten, the children developed their social skills, made…

Education News

Director of the Ministry of Education visits Gotas de agua

In June 2017, the Director Dr. Maria Milagros Alejandrina Ramírez Baca visited our kindergarten and new day care facility and recognized its exceptional quality. The objective of the meeting was to attract the attention of the Ministry to the facilities Gotas de agua has built. The Director committed to financing the care takers of our…