End of the school year 2018
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End of the school year 2018

On 8th December 2018, a total of 59 children concluded their three years of learning and playing in our kindergarten “Gotitas de agua”.

These 59 children had been attended in two fully equipped classrooms, with one kindergarten and one auxiliary teacher each.

During their time in the kindergarten, the children developed their social skills, made friends, and learned to spend time away from their parents.

They are now ready to move on to primary school in good spirits.

In order to finance the little ceremony, 75 parents of the younger children of our kindergarten made a voluntary financial contribution of a total of PEN 225 (CHF 67).

While other kindergartens prefer to rent an external space to celebrate their “promoción”, our children and their parents use the facilities of Gotas de agua’s project site in Raucana, making the event cost effective. Therefore, all children, also of the poorest families, were able to take part in this special occasion.

The total cost of the event was PEN 346.20 or PEN 5.87 (CHF 1.76) per child.

Gotas de agua sponsored the paper and envelopes for the diplomas as well as the lighting in the evening for a total of PEN 121.20 (CHF 36).